Archive: February 20, 2015

Is Pride sleeping at work?

Sleeping Pride

It is undeniable that people demonstrate improved productivity and an upswing in innovation if they are highly motivated,passionate and take pride in their work. Of course money is a prime motivator, but many an organization rely too much on money to motivate their employees.

Money has a major limitation. Is it ever enough?

It tends to be least available when you need it the most – in difficult times.

The most extraordinary organizations are extraordinary only because of their exceptional amount of dedication and continued innovation of the people who work in it. The employees are the soul of an organization. There is no doubt that such great level of performance can only be achieved by instilling a strong feeling of ‘PRIDE’ within the soul, to make the organization reach unimaginable heights.

We spend most of the time in our lives working, and it is really important for this time to mean something. It is important to feel that the job you are doing is your “dream job”.

In the course of time, the enthusiasm employees have; the spark they had for working as your employee in the beginning may lose its flame and sometimes even extinguish like a candle in the wind.

“Pride” can work as the oxygen, and flame their fire to work, and deliver superlative results.

It all depends on how you build this feeling of pride amongst them, about themselves, their work and the employer brand.

A strong employer brand has a two-fold effect – It augments your market valuation and pumps up employer pride. It may all seem very easy but it is indeed critical for any organization that wants to take the path to greatness.


Is pride sleeping at your workplace? How strong is your employer brand among your employees?