Every Word Counts

Every Word Counts


Data Driven HR AnalyticsWhen you survey the most frequent users of analytics in the corporate world, not surprisingly you find that HR ranks at the bottom. At a time when big data is becoming a mainstream strategy in many business functions, HR is playing catch-up. How often have you heard HR leaders uttering the now commonly used phrases – “From my own personal experience”, “I believe”, “I feel” or “Right off the top of my head ”.

Is it not time to move over from “the overall attrition percentage last year” dialogue to revealing “why each of the high performing individuals stay” and “what might cause them to leave” and “which retention initiatives have offered the highest value and impact” ?

Data can identify the hidden causes of problems. Trends and data provide you with an opportunity to stop guessing about the future and instead make informed decisions, more accurate decisions about what is likely to happen in the future. Numbers and data are the most effective way to influence and the best thing about data is “it is hard for anybody to contest it”.

HR is evolving into a data driven function, with the focus shifting from simply reporting data to enabling the business to make informed talent decisions, predict employee performance, and conduct advanced workforce planning.

It is time to move to the future where statistical correlations & segmentation, roll ups & drill downs, trend lines & heat maps, keyword clouds & word trees, big and small data will forever replace the “I think” and “I believe” answers in HR decision making.

Critical questions such as what drives performance, retention and people can now be  understood statistically and answered with data, not just opinion or experience. Companies that successfully leverage analytics and big data will be better positioned to outperform their peers in executing their talent strategies.

Talent Magnet is designed to help you understand the breadth of factors that drive behaviour in your workplace and provide you an objective understanding of people who make your organization strong.

We make the data accessible enough, to be the backbone of a conversation. Meetings can now become more engaging as people explore data together rather than slog through a set of slides and take down action items for follow-up later.

Every word coming from an employee counts. That’s why Talent Magnet is designed to listen to every word from every employee. Using sophisticated analytics, Talent Magnet provides insights to help you, as leaders, confidently know the “hows” and “whys” of what happened, taking you from thinking you know the answer to knowing you know the answer.